Thaura Gallyr

A Duskwight Elezen dancing and singing through life in Eorzea.
Thaura works as a courtesan, bard, dancer, and adventurer for hire when needed.

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OOC Info

Hello, Thaura's mun here!
OOC I am 32 years old, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and have been part of the XIV community for almost 3 years.
I am based in the Central US time zone and work in the afternoon/early evenings. I've been doing text-based roleplay for almost 20 years. I've been playing tabletop RPGs recently as well.
In regards to whom I choose to RP with, because of Thaura's personality and profession, I'm exclusively 21+ and don't particularly care to engage with minors so please, DNI if you are under 18. If you wish to RP with me, shoot me a /tell in-game or a DM over Twitter and we can get to know each other.
In regards to ERP, I'm okay with it so long as we discuss OOC what our character's boundaries/kinks/nos are.
As always, IC does not equal OOC.

Character Info

Name: Thaura Gallyr
Race: Duskwight Elezen
Gender/Pronouns: Female/ She/Her or They/Them
Age: 32
Sexuality: Pansexual Polyamorous
Relationships: Engaged to Hayate Ishikawa // Dating Ming Kong, Kaizen Dotharl, Aurel Castille (Open to more potential relationships as they may occur naturally.)
Birthplace: Cyf Dorei, an underground Duskwight city below Werlyt
Height: 6 fulms 6.8 ilms (200.1 cm)
Hair: White with golden streaks
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Amorous, hedonistic, gentle-hearted, sarcastic, impulsive, mothering
Family: Bastard only child of mother Iparri Khabar and father Hjorveth Zedinesh
Skills and Traits: Ranged class main; developed skills as a gunbreaker, astrologian, samurai, and red mage. Focuses her crafting in weaving and culinary skills.Front Desk, Medic, Barkeep, Hustler at The Harlequin Fight Club, Mateus.
Floor Manager and Courtesan at The Royal Chambers, Malboro.
Front Desk and Courtesan at The Crimson Door, Malboro.
Building her own venue with friends called The Night Court.
Likes: Singing and writing music, dancing, the pleasure of other people's company
Dislikes: Bullies, arrogance, people who use their positions of power and influence to abuse those below them.

Roleplay Hooks

The Shrike of the Shroud
Need someone skilled with a bow to hunt down a mark? Thaura's your girl. If you're at all familiar with the inner workings of the Twin Adder, you'd be aware of one of Thaura's many jobs - hunting down poachers and bringing them in to justice. A woman of dark skin and eagle eyes, the poachers of the Shroud started calling her the 'Shrike' and the nickname for her masked and hidden self stuck.
Bard Extraordinaire
Thaura's been performing in inns all over Eorzea for the decade she's been on the continent. Her performances tend to be on the simple and understated side of things, usually just herself and a beautiful blue wood guitar with floral embellishments. Don't touch that instrument or else you might lose a few fingers.
Thaura started working as a courtesan in her early twenties, mainly to feed, clothe, and drink herself into oblivion. However, the former alcoholic has made a name for herself among the venues she works at as a kind, gentle soul with a soft hand and an even softer heart. She specializes in creating intimate moments and spaces, and makes sure every person who spends time in her presence is comforted and given whatever support they may need.
Cyf Dorei
If you're a fellow Duskwight elezen from outside of Eorzea, you may have heard of the underground city of Cyf Dorei (pronounced SIF DOOR-ay), Thaura's homeland. Surrounded by a misty forest and dug deep into the mountains somewhere deep beneath the territory of Werlyt, Thaura's home city thrives. Perhaps you know of her if you were raised in the same city or have friends from the area.
(This hook will need OOC conversation regarding secrets in Thaura's backstory.)


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